a space to nurture your well-being

get back to what truly matters and build a life you love

a life well-loved is not a goal to achieve, it is a way of living NOW

It is cultivated in our:

  • struggles and joy
  • brokenness and beauty
  • imperfections and strengths
  • relationships (with self and others)

Learn from experts and their human experiences

We honor growth not perfection. No self help platitudes here! This is real work for lasting change. You will hone skills of resilience: curiosity, empathy, compassion, connection.

A life well-loved is a path uniquely yours to discover, this is your invitation for us to walk alongside.

We Offer Community Supported Pricing

Everyone's financial reality is complex. We provide all offerings through a community supported pricing structure adapted from the work of Alexis J. Cunningfolk and Hadassah Damien.

We do not ask for income verification. Please use the prompts provided to self select based on your financial truth.

Our Structure

All tiers have access to the same content and we have annual access or individual course purchases

Pay it Forward

I comfortably meet my basic needs (food, housing, medication, transportation) and would like to support another learner.

I have some debt, but it does not prohibit me from meeting basic needs.

I own or lease a car.

I have regular access to healthcare.

I can afford an annual vacation or to take time off.


I might stress about basic needs sometimes, but can regularly meet them.

I have some debt, but it does not prohibit me from meeting basic needs.

I own or lease a car.

I have access to healthcare

I can take a vacation annually or every few years, without finanical burden.


I frequently stress about and cannot meet my basic needs.

I have debt that prohibits me from meeting basic needs sometimes.

I do not have a car or have limited access to a car but often unable to afford gas.

I qualify for government assistance.

I cannot afford vacation or have the ability to take time off without financial burden.

Hi, I'm Rosemarie

Founder of a life well-loved

I have spent over 15 years as a leadership coach and organization development consultant, working across industries with individuals, businesses, mission-driven organizations, and the public sector. There has been a reckoning across generations of getting back to self, aligning with personal values, and a desire to nurture well-being. My profession, continued education, and living with chronic illness have taught me essential tools for these very things, and how to appreciate the true nature and dynamic seasons of life. I experienced delayed and misdiagnoses, shame, pain, grief, fear, isolation, judgment, physician and appointment anxiety, and treatment roulette. You can learn more from my bio here.

Forced resilience gives those of us disabled / living with chronic illness a unique lens, which is why all of the creators on this platform come from this shared human experience. It is my honor to collaborate with each of these extraordinary professionals.